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18 Folgate Street: The Tale of a House in Spitalfields - 15.00

With introduction by Peter Ackroyd.

Dennis Severs’ unforgettable account of the extraordinary tour of 18 Folgate Street. Before Dennis died in 1999, he compiled his tale of the Jervis family leading you, the visitor, back through a house filled with their stories and dramas written in his own inimitable voice. This book published by Random House, with an introduction by Peter Ackroyd, is an indispensible companion to a house filled with the magic of Dennis Severs’ world. ISBN: 9780099437369




Spitalfields DVD - 14.00

In this beautifully filmed BBC documentary Dan Cruickshank takes you through the history of the house that Dennis Severs saved from demolition and converted into the captivating story of a family of 18th Century silk merchants. The film is an informative inauguration into the unmissable experience that is 18 Folgate Street.

It also includes features on the Spitalfields Historic Buildings Trust and the colourful history of the changing nature of the area, from the influence of the French Huguenots, through severe poverty and overcrowding, to the vibrant cultural fusion that is Spitalfields today.


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Gift vouchers are available for you to share the memorable experience of Dennis Severs’ House with friends and family. Vouchers are available for a range of visits, costing between £10, £14, £45 and £55 (£10, £17.50, £45 and £55 over the Christmas installation period).


Spitalfields Nippers - 20.00

Around 1900, photographer Horace Warner took a series of portraits of some of the poorest people in London - creating relaxed, intimate images that gave dignity to his subjects and producing great photography that is without parallel in his era.

This unique collection of pictures revolutionises our view of Londoners at the end of the nineteenth century, by bringing them startlingly close and permitting us to look them in the eye.

Only seen by members of Warner's family for more than a century, almost all of these breathtaking photographs are published here for the first time. 


The Gentle Author's London Album - 25.00

Discover more than 600 of the Gentle Author's favourite pictures of London appearing in print for the first time, setting the wonders of our modern metropolis against the pictorial delights of the ancient city, and celebrating the infinite variety of life in the capital - with a special emphasis upon the East End.

Among the multiplicity of visual pleasures to be savoured, enjoy the ostentatious trade cards of Georgian London, the breathtaking lantern slides of Victorian London, the bizarre car crashed of Clerkenwell, the heroic Spitalfields nippers, the soulful dogs of old London, Barn the Spoon, the spoon carver, and Aaron Biber, London's oldest barber.

Take a walk through time with the Gentle Author of 'Spitalfields Life' as your guide - be equally amazed at what has been lost of old London and charmed by the unfamiliar marvels of London today.